Making of an ICON - The Chevy Thriftmaster Truck

After five minutes of talking with Jonathan Ward you can fully grasp the depth of his automotive passion. It's infectious to hear him discuss his love for the aesthetics of a bygone era. The love he has for the masters of industrial design. People like Raymond Loewy get him excited and he perks up in his chair to tell… »2/09/14 10:02pm2/09/14 10:02pm

Canyon Carving With Magnus Walker In His Favorite Porsche

When you meet Magnus Walker you instantly know he is passionate about the Porsche brand. He walked me around his collection animatedly discussing the different models he owns and why they are important to him. Each car has a character, or better yet a soul that is deeply connected to him. Everything Porsche is very… »2/03/14 2:00am2/03/14 2:00am

Lamborghini Veneno - A Trip To Monterey & Interview With Winkelmann

I meet a lot of passionate people every day and I've been working with some of the best in the automotive world. So when I received an invite to attend Lamborghini's Veneno event in Monterey, California I couldn't resist the urge to drive up the coast and check out the latest super car from one of the most passionate… »10/01/13 12:36pm10/01/13 12:36pm